The word guest has a special meaning to us at Roy's. It means much more than customer. A guest is someone who we have committed to take care of, to make comfortable, and to look after. Whether it is someone calling on the phone, dropping by to look at a menu, or delivering product at the back door we want to make them feel welcome. We want to be their all-time favorite restaurant.

Hawaii Inspired Euro-Asian Cuisine
Our food is unique. It's a reflection of the many different cultures here in Hawaii. Roy has combined bold Asian flavors, classic European techniques, and the freshest local ingredients to create what we call, "Hawaii Inspired Euro-Asian Cuisine". Our menu reflects the favorites of our guests, Roy's signature preparations, and the creative flare of our chefs. When we prepare food at the restaurant we treat it like it was for our own family or Roy himself. It should be perfect.

"Yes" is our attitude. We greet our guests with genuine warmth, friendliness, and smiles all around. We will bring thorough knowledge to the table and we always make recommendations. We are happy to recreate one of their favorites, prepare something just for the children, take care of dietary needs, or simply split a dish to be shared. We will apply all of our skills and our aloha to ensure our guests have a great dining experience. 

Food Friendly Wine
We strive for as much variety, flexibility, and surprise on our wine lists as we do on our food menus. We search for the best and most unique wine that will compliment the bold flavor of our food. Our signature cuvée's are produced by some of the world's most respected winemakers specifically with our food in mind. These are always quintessential "Roy's Wine's" sleek, supple, intensely aromatic, fresh, and buoyant on the palate. Wine is an integral part of our experience.

Each Roy's is an involved and active member of its community and has a responsibility to give back to it. Roy's contributes to the quality of life in a community by providing a safe and comfortable place for neighbors to gather, offering employment or careers, participating in community events, and taking responsibility for its reputation. Farmers are an important focus for us and we place significant value on those relationships. We have a special place in our hearts for children and the youth in our community and make them the primary beneficiary of our charitable resources.