Truffle Bacon Bubu Whitefish

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Serves  4-5

Truffle Aioli

  • 2 cups mayo best foods

  • ¼ cup truffle oil

  • ¼ cup chives

  • ¼ parsley

  • Salt and black pepper to taste

Bacon bubu crust

  • 2 cups crispy bacon bits (no grease)

  • 2 cups bubu arare

  • ½ cup furikake


Sear Fish one side making a nice golden brown crust
Put truffle aioli on fish, acting like glue, and then put bacon bubu crust to cover fish and bake at 350 unitl medium about 3 mins


Pono Pork Bolognaise

  • 5# ground pork from pono pork

  • 2 onion

  • 1 carrot

  • 6 celery stalks

  • Cut into bruonione size

  • 6 cups cabernet wine

  • 2 cup demi glace

  • 1 cup worsts hire sauce

  • 1 cup oyster sauce

  • ¼ cup dried oregneo

  • ¼ ucp dried thyme

  • 1/8 cup garlic powder

  • 1/8 cup onion powder

  • 5 bay leafs

  • 2 cinnomon sticks

  • 1/2tsp red chili flakes

  • 12 cups of crushed can tomatoes

  • 1 cup tomato paste


Saute pork then sweet veggies , add tomato paste , add dry spices to toast. Deglace with wine, reduce out, add demi and curshed tomoates. Bring to a boil and simmer on low heat for 4-6 hours.  Season with wishersire, oyster sauce ¼ cup butter, and fresh basil, parsley and thyme.  Season with salt and black pepper.


Potato Gnocchi


  • 4 yukon potatoes

  • 6 eggs yolks

  • 4 cups ap flour

Wrap potatoes in foil indaviial.  Bake for about 1 hour to 1 half depending how bigg the potatoes are.

When it is soft like a bake potato its done, put through a ricer and yolks and half of the flour.  Mix until it looks like a big ball of dough, keep adding flour because it will be sticky.  You don’t want too much flour because then it will be too tough and too little bit it will be sticky.  Cut into little balls roll out the size of your pointer finger, then cut 1 cm wide 1cm long pillows.  Boil in water until it floats to the top and ice bath immediate.   When chilled donw strain water out and oil nice but not too much

Pick is hot pan saute with oil browning outside, add crimini mushrooms, spinach and add garlic cream

Cool down with a little water and finish with parm cheese, shouldn’t be soupy but tight



Nalo Herb Chimichurri


  • 4 cups chopped parsley

  • 4 cups chopped chives

  • 1 cup chopped tarragon

  • 2 cups chopped basil

  • 2 lemons zest and juice

  • 1 onion minced and 1 cup garlic sweated on the side

When cooled add herbs and lemons, season with salt and pepper

Pick up cook fish, Bolonogaise is base of dish, gnocchis on bolonagise, fish on top gnoochis

Mix a little butter sauce and brown butter to chimimchri and spoon around , garnish with local garnishs (pea tendials, micro greens) crust on fish is part of garnish.